Testimonials / Témoignage

I experienced Crystal Bed when I was visiting Valerie, I've had Stomach issues for many years and as a doctor I was very skeptical. When I came back home in France I've been very surprised to feel much better with no more Stomach pain. I really recommend the Crystal Bed as a natural Healing. Sylvie A., Le Havre (France)

The Casa is a magical place full of Love Energy !! I had many personal physical healings threw experiencing the spiritual surgeries. Plus, I was told I would be healed of my HIV in 3-4 yrs....what a blessing !! From what I saw with my own eyes and my own personal experiences, were amazing...I can not, not be a believer.....so many blessings !! It has for sure "strengthen" my Faith. It's all about spreading the Love.......*:x lovestruck It was a god send to have Valerie as our guide, such insight, guidance from the source and she has such a big heart and takes great care with each person to make sure that they get the full abundance that the Casa as to offer. THANK YOU.....Valerie. xo Heidi.S. *:) happy May 2014

My experience in the Crystal bed was very pleasant and varied from session to session.Mostly I would feel warmer hands and feet and my stomach would start producing some noises after some time. I was more relaxed and my sleep improved. Mirjana F., Vancouver

I loved my crystal bed experiences! Both times I felt so relaxed and at peace while taken into another dimension. Afterwards, I felt physically lighter and more in-tuned with my spiritual self. I look forward to doing it again and highly recommend it! Coco J. Vancouver, BC

I have had a number of opportunities to have a crystal bed session with Valerie and each time has been remarkably different. The One common aspect that I have experienced however; is the after effects of each ssession. I have always felt great after a session and feel more peaceful calm and connected emotionally and physically. I highly reccommend a crystal bed session and invite all to experience it. Cheryl M. Vancouver, BC

First time I heard about Crytal Healing Bed, it sounded to me abstract and unusual! The helpful Valerie's professionnalisme, make me definitely confident and excited to try it. What a beautiful experience, what an unique relaxation, deeper, faster to be energized and empowered! Now all family use it, included my 17 years old teenage son, having the benefits of a great therapy, helping him at this crucial moment of his development. It's a must try, for all my friends and me, like a way to escape from stress, and negatives feelings, reconnecting with our essence. Thank you again Valerie to introduce us to this extraordinary alternative to our urban and busy everyday life! La premiere fois que j'ai entendu parler du Lit de Crystal, cela m'a semble completement abstrait et inhabituel! Mais le professionalisme competent de Valerie me donna confiance,m'encourageant a l'essayer. Quelle belle experience, quelle relaxation unique, rapide pour etre energise et se sentir puissant! Maintenant toute la famille l'utilise, meme mon fil adolescent de 17 ans, beneficiant des avantages de cette incroyable therapie, l'aidant dans un moment important de son developpement. Incontournable pour mes amis et moi-meme, une facon d'effacer le stress, et des emotions negatives, nous reconnectant avec nous meme. Merci Valerie, de m'avoir fait decouvrir cette extraordinaire option a un quotidien urbain et surcharge! Philippe S. Vancouver, BC

A wonderful voyage into the ocean a place I fear the most in life. It was surreal and non I have ever experienced before…I would recommend to anyone who has physical or emotional pain. Chantal. Vancouver, BC

Loved the Chakra machine at the Wellness show...Wonderful to meet you and what an incredible experience I had and thanks for your amazing channelling information... Kelley, New Denver, BC

Depuis plusieurs jours, j’avais le dos complément bloqué. Impossible de marcher normalement. J’ai fait une séance et au bout de 20 min, j’ai senti un clack! dans le dos, au niveau de ma 4ème vertèbre lombaire. J’ai pensé que mon dos s’était cassé en deux. Pas du tout. Je me suis levé et la douleur était complètement partie. Sceptique ou pas, force est de constater que ça marche vraiment. Je vous le conseille. For several days my back was completely blocked. I was just unable to walk normally. I did a session and after 20 minutes I felt a clack! in the back, at my 4th lumbar vertebra. I thought my back was broken in two. Not at all. I got up and the pain was completely gone. Skeptical or not, it is clear that it really works. I do recommend it. Pascal S. Vancouver BC

En Juin dernier, je suis arrivée à Vancouver après 12 heures de vol et de douloureuses lombalgies. Après une séance de "Lit de Cristal" mon mal de dos était très atténué, sans antalgiques ni anti-inflammatoires. Après une deuxième séance effectuée une semaine plus tard, je n'avais plus aucune douleur. Depuis je n'ai pas eu de récidive. Annie S. Damparis, France

I come regularly to Valerie's place to have a crystal bed session because it helps so much to rejuvenate and balance my body. After each session I feel full energize ! I couldn't miss it and feel very lucky to have a crystal bed in Vancouver ! Muriel D. Vancouver, BC